International Calling

When an International call is made using the app, the call is routed through reliable service provider to the destination country at cheapest available price
For a list of all available countries allowed for International calling, please refer to the website or app.
Charge varies depending on the destination country. For a list of available rates, please refer to the website or app.
Yes, 6 Month and 1 Year subscription packages are available for some countries.
You can check the package information to know the upper limit on the allowed minutes. To prevent fraud, we put a cap on the maximum number of allowed minutes on the package. If unusual or suspicious calling patterns are detected, then we will restrict such accounts.
For initiating calls, you need to be connected to Internet or use data from your phone service provider. The person you call does not require Internet to receive a regular phone call.
Using Call.Net, you can make free voice, video calls along with chat if the person has Call.Net app installed. In addition, you can also call person’s phone number directly like regular voice call from Call.Net. When using other apps, if the person that you called does not have good Internet connection, quality of voice and video can be poor. In cases like this, you can directly call the person’s phone number from Call.Net without leaving the app. All of these features are available under a single app and you don’t have to look for multiple apps for the needed functionality.
No PIN is needed for making calls.

Login and Coupons

You can create an individual account on Call.Net using your phone number and email account.
If you forgot your password, click on ‘forgot password’ on website. If you would like to reset password, you can reset it from website or app.
If you receive any promotional coupons, you can redeem them on our website or app. Usually, promotional offers are available on the website or app.

Payment and Refunds

We accept all major credit or debit cards which is not limited to Visa, Master card, American Express.
Billing information is available in your account in website. In the app, you can see transactions under your account.
We return balance for any unused service on your account.
No. Instead of subscription packages, if you purchase our service at a certain price, balance does not expire. However, if you purchase subscription plan, there is no rollover for any unused minutes.
Please re-verify the details provided. If the card is still declined, please login to your account and provide an alternate card.


You can see information about purchased international calling package(s), under ‘user profile’.
Yes, please search for ‘’ app on appstore and/or playstore.
Please reach .